Thanks to on-going endeavours to reduce environmental impact to the minimum and to opt for selected raw materials, the products manufactured by the Ascot Group can be used where compliance with the environmental standards is a must. Use of the finest technologies available and compliance with the best international practices, the goal being to continually improve the business management aspects, promote energy efficiency, prevent pollution and reduce the impact of GHG emissions caused by the use of fossil fuels.

Less energy used

The total average energy consumption for thermal and electric power expressed in GJ/t of glazed product stocked in the warehouse is less than that of the previous years, and is amply within the established limits. The energy consumptions are kept constantly under control and are monitored by the provider.

Fewer emissions into the atmosphere

Careful use, constant controls and the continual developments to which the manufacturing systems have been subjected have helped to achieve a steady reduction in the amount of gaseous substances exhausted into the atmosphere and to drastically reduce the volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Fully recyclable packaging

All the materials used for packaging the products can be fully recycled.

Recycled unfired and fired waster materials

Thanks to their configuration, the systems allow all the fired and unfired waste material to be fully recycled. Unfired waste is collected and sent to the ceramic body manufacturer, where it is turned into recycled body. Fired waste is employed by specialized enterprises for making the aggregates used as substrates for roads and buildings, or by ceramic industries with systems able to reuse such materials.

Less water used

The specific water consumption of the systems is continually improving. After being used, the water is treated and recycled in the company’s flushing system. The part that is not required for internal use is sent to the enterprise that manufactures and supplies ceramic body, for use in the wet earth grinding system installed in its factory, effectively eliminating all types of industrial waste.

FAO Pallets

Use of treated, debarked FAO pallets provides importing countries with the utmost guarantees when it comes to protecting their forestry resources.

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