Dom presents the technologies that infuse life into extraordinary collections: experience, quality and innovation at your disposal.



The strength guaranteed by porcelain combines with the attractive finish of a surface subjected to glazing procedures to obtain a precious and versatile furnishing complement that can interpret every style and color.


It’s like industrially manufactured natural stone, but with greater strength and hitherto unattainable performances while being extremely easy to lay and service. The material is worked in the same way as natural stone and can be used in all private and public settings.


BITECH® tile bodies are produced with state-of-the-art technology implemented in innovating manufacturing plants that enhance the products aesthetic and functional properties, achieving a combination of the best tile traditions and advanced modern technological know-how.


Dom confirms its standing as protagonist amongst those future-oriented enterprises spearheading the endeavour to develop the “Made in Italy” concept and conquers new frontiers in the ceramic world with Digital Technology, the new generation technology now available, that revolutionizes the very idea of decoration: pieces that are different from each other, ultra-high definition, perfectly decorated textured surfaces, luminosity and depth enhanced to the utmost degree, a feeling of warmth to the touch. Dom turns the beauty of tradition into innovation and avant garde design.