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Located in the heart of Sassuolo, the world’s cutting-edge industrial district for innovation, quality, style and technology, Dom Ceramiche has always been renowned for thinking outside the box in the ceramic industry, due to its intensive research activities into raw materials, clays and minerals, transformed into wall and floor ceramics. In the market for over 15 years, Dom Ceramiche has evolved continuously over time in order to satisfy the changing needs of its customers.
Its avant-garde productions are sold throughout the world, and the company pays particular attention to distributors and importers of high-quality Italian ceramics. Dom also continues to ensure a presence in prestigious international supply projects through a combination of the adoption of the most advanced technologies and a close and constant eye on the latest style and design trends.


It has two research laboratories specialised in the study and formulation of ceramic materials derived from clay mixtures and natural minerals, as well as exclusive know-how that allows it to offer a wide range of flooring and cladding materials in markets around the world.

DOM works for constant improvement in the field of environmental research and development, offering ceramic surfaces obtained through processes that optimise both the materials used and the energy consumed. Its adherence to Green Building Italy permits DOM to network with the top companies in the building sector in order to accelerate the dissemination of a sustainable building culture.


Thanks to on-going endeavours to keep environmental impact at a minimum and to opt for selected raw materials, the products manufactured by Dom can be used where compliance with environmental standards is a must. Use of the finest technologies available and compliance with the best international practices, the goal being to continually improve business management aspects, promote energy efficiency, prevent pollution, and reduce the impact of GHG emissions caused by the use of fossil fuels.


The guaranteed strength of porcelain stoneware combines with the aesthetic value of the glazed surface to obtain a versatile decorative element capable of embodying every style and every colour.

It is the industrial manufacturing of natural stone, but with greater strength, incomparable performance, and extreme ease of installation and maintenance. It can be shaped like natural stone and can be used in any space, whether public or private.

BITECH® tile bodies are produced with state-of-the-art technology implemented in innovative manufacturing plants that enhance the products’ aesthetic and functional properties, achieving a combination of the best tile traditions and advanced modern technological know-how.

Dom confirms its position as a leader among those companies that determine the future of “Made in Italy” and conquers new frontiers in the ceramic industry with Digital Technology, the next generation of technology available today, which revolutionises the very concept of decoration: one-of-a-kind pieces, high definition, perfect decoration of structured surfaces, lighting enhancement, and a sense of warmth to the touch. With Dom Ceramiche the beauty of tradition becomes innovation and cutting-edge design.


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